AUTHORS FOR ALEPPO: A Call for Action Event Sign Up. A Message From Trinity Rose

Authors For Aleppo: A Call For Action Auction Event Sign Up
A Message From Trinity Rose:
I haven’t been an Author for long, but what I have notice is that we are a large community filled with caring and awesome people. I am asking, pleading, begging for every person in this community to help! From Writers, Editors, Cover Designers, Photogs, Models, Bloggers and PAs to please donate. I have set up a Go fund me page for Doctors Without Borders (did you know your donation is a tax write off…)

Book Haven Promotions and I are setting up a 3 day auction and Author Takeover Extravaganza in February 1, 2 and 3, 2017. All I ask for those to participate is to donate $10-20 to the Gofundme page for Doctors Without Borders and supply goodies for the auctions! All Proceeds will go to the Gofundme page.

Since the beginning of siege of East Aleppo City in July of 2016, Functioning hospitals have been damaged by over 35 separate attacks. With hospitals being attacked multiple times, they have been forced to close. Many of these hospitals are Doctors Without Borders supported or run. They are now facing critical supply shortages and the ever-diminishing number of health care workers, such as medics, MD and nurses due to fleeing or being killed.
Prior to the Siege, DWB were able to send regular 3 month supplies of medical provisions (equivalent to 10 full trucks) to all supported health structures. DWB run programs of active regular support to 70 medical structures, which vary from small rural health posts to full hospitals in urban areas. Over time with the increase in attacks and specific targeting of hospitals and health clinics the supplies have become nonexistent.
For example, in Azaz District, DWB runs a 32 bed hospital Al Salamah that has an ER, outpatient/inpatient consultations, surgical care, maternity and additional support services (pharmacy, laboratory and radiology) . In January to August 2016, the staff at Al Salamah Hospital undertook 33,000 outpatient consultations, 1,765 inpatient consultations, 19,506 ER visits and 1,214 surgical interventions. These numbers are increasing as the air strikes continue.
Most recently as of November 16, 2016 air strikes have been relaunched and several hospitals hit repeated. Among those hit were a children’s hospital. This pediatric hospital was the only specialized hospital for child care in the area. The hospital staff managed to move children including premature babies from cots and incubators to the basement of the building to shelter from the bombing.
From November the access to health care in Aleppo has become non-existent. According to DWB supporters 4,350 people are wounded, including 510 children. Death tolls are 1,060, including 510 children (these numbers are under reported do to families choosing to bury their dead, than transporting to hospital morgues)

Source: Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres

GoFundMe Page