Ended: Wolfsbane’s Daughter Amazon Giveaway

Jennifer Silverwood

So this was my first Amazon Giveaway that I hosted and…wow, lol. I posted the giveaway an hour or so ago, but it has already ended. If you are an author/publisher, I would highly recommend using this platform in the future. Sorry to anyone who wanted to enter but didn’t catch it in time! Wolfsbane’s Daugter is still FREE on Smashwords and only .99 on Amazon!

For the next fifteen days I’m hosting a giveaway on Amazon for Wolfsbane’s Daughter! Now I know you’re just dying to see Resha and Wolfsbane’s origin story, right? Well now’s your chance to read it for FREE.

Coolest part? This giveaway is chosen at random. One out of every ten entries will WIN until there are ten winners! Pretty good odds, wouldn’t you say?


If you’ve seen and heard the hype and want to read for yourself, follow the LINK or click…

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