J.D. Brown’s THE WARRIORES coming May 16, 2016

Naamah’s lips pressed against mine, urgent and gentle. A strange calm seemed to come over him as his hold eased from my back. His hands slid along my sides as though cradling something delicate. He tasted of sweat and earth—an intoxicating mixture that reminded me of the blood ritual.
My body was spent after hitting him, my mind too exhausted to think about what this kiss might mean. Instead, I eased into him, feeling his hard chest and stomach through the thin cloth of my tunic. I slid my hands to his neck, where my fingers tangled in the curls of his hair. Our tongues met, and my breath hitched.
He’s mad. He had acted insane a moment ago, absolutely feral in his demand for abuse. And I had been all too happy to oblige. Perhaps I am mad too.
Ill with grief. That must be it. How else could I dare to kiss him back like this? How else could I cling to him like he was the only source of air as I sank millions of leagues below the sea?
— THE WARRIORESS by J.D. Brown, coming May 16, 2016
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