Seven things you didn’t know about Dora Machado!

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

dora 1


1.I keep vampire hours. Dawn means dusk and dusk means writing.
2.I have a minor in medieval history and thus medieval history has a place in all my novels.
3. I love reading all kinds of genres and I believe that variety enriches the writer’s life.
4. I’m a news junkie and, believe it or not, the real world fuels my fantasy.
5. The only activity I enjoy almost as much as writing is traveling. To me they’re both different ways of exploring the world.
6. My supervisor has whiskers, pointy ears and a tail.
7. My husband likes to think that all my epic heroes are based on him and, some days, I let him believe it.…/seven-things-about-my-writi…

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