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Do you feel unwanted?
Do you feel unwelcome to the town?
Nothing is further from the truth.
You are welcome to Oasis.
When the lights dim.
When the moon rises.
When the night air cools.
You are welcome.
As the darkness descends.
As the dark shadows appear.
As the streets become deserted.
You are welcome.
Welcome to roam the forest.
Welcome to visit End House.
The Dead love visitors.

They are waiting for you.


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‘Shadowhunters’ Day 4 Photo: Clary and Simon Strike A Pose

Totally what I see when reading the books.

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Welcome to Day 4 of filming on Shadowhunters!

Showrunner Ed Decter shared this photo of Clary (Katherine McNamara) and Simon (Alberto Rosende) on set during filming on Thursday. How cute are they?! And if you look closely you’ll see that Simon is wearing a “Made In Brooklyn” t-shirt. Perfection.

There are 7 days remaining of filming on the pilot episode. The show will film through October in Toronto.

Shadowhunters will premiere in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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Last day to get your FREE copy!!!! ******* “From the Pages of Grandfather’s Life” by Viv Drewa.

Viv Drewa - The Owl Lady

from the pages of grandfathers life (2)


This book will be FREE until May 28th!!!!

This is the true story of my grandfather’s escape from Russian occupied Poland in 1913. How he managed to get through all the dangerous situations, and at one point almost didn’t make it, has me in awe of his bravery even to today.


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‘Shadowhunters’ Video: Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende Serenade the Fandom

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Just when you think our cast couldn’t be anymore perfect, we get something like this.

Shadowhunters executive producer McG shared a video from filming on day 4 of the pilot episode, which features our Clary and Simon Katherine McNamara and Alberto Rosende singing for the fandom. Seriously, how talented is our cast?!

Ed Decter also shared a photo from the duet:

McG also tweeted out this photo of our holy trinity, Clary, Jace and Simon. SWOON.

Shadowhunters is currently filming in Toronto and will premiere in early 2016 on ABC Family.

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