Cover Reveal- CHRYSALIS by Maria Macdonald

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Book: Chrysalis – The Emergence Of Emery
Author: Maria Macdonald
Series: The Gifted Series
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Emery never realized the kind of power she held.

Her whole life had been one long battle. Against other children, bullies, her abusers. Forever the outsider, living her days isolated and lonely. She didn’t know that while waging her own battles, another kind of war was coming.

In just one night her whole life changed.

When she finds herself in danger, the power that was lying dormant inside of her suddenly releases, surprising everyone.

In the aftermath, a figure appears in the shadows – Elijah. With an air of mysteriousness and answers she had no idea she needed, Emery suddenly understands she’s not alone.

He’s either here to save her or bury her. But with no time to ask questions, she takes the plunge, grabs his hand, and prepares herself for a whole world. One where she will be reborn.

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About The Author

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Maria is a full time working Mum, she has two beautiful daughters, both of whom love books as much as she does.

Maria has loved to write since she was a little girl.

Reading and loving books, as well as blogging, has inspired her to write and publish.

Maria, her husband and children now reside in Wiltshire, England.

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Zeke’s Eden

by K. Webster
Publication Date: June 21, 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Erotic, Romance, Novella

Zeke's Eden

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Following Daddy’s rules has always been easy.
Smile. Nod. Repeat.

Until I met Zeke.
Dark. Dirty. Sinner.
A hungry beast, released from his cage.
And I’m on the menu.

Tonight, I’m Zeke’s Eden.
His sugar.
His whore.

Daddy’s little girl is all grown up…
***Warning: This is an erotic novella.***


About K. Webster

K Webster2

K Webster is the author of dozens romance books in many different genres including contemporary romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, and erotic romance. When not spending time with her husband of twelve years and two adorable children, she’s active on social media connecting with her readers.

Her other passions besides writing include reading and graphic design. K can always be found in front of her computer chasing her next idea and taking action. She looks forward to the day when she will see one of her titles on the big screen.

You can easily find K Webster on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads!


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PLEASURE PAIN OR PURPOSE Book 1 :Pleasure by Al Daltrey


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Pleasure Pain or Purpose: Book One- Pleasure
by Al Daltrey
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Pleasure, Pain or Purpose is the story of three best friends.
When everything seems perfect, that’s when a curve ball is likely waiting around the corner. Biljana Stevens’ blissful life is derailed after the sudden death of her cherished David. Now a lonely submissive, she travels the world with a crushed heart.
A contradiction all her life, Jasmin Stallworth loved Barbies; but she also loved baseball with the boys. Now an undercover cop, Jasmine has a penchant for risk: kinky risk. Will she put her career on the line and her life in danger to satisfy her hunger?
Vicky Knox and her husband Andrew were compatible, but she longed for more than a roommate. Why can’t the magic and enthusiasm always so plentiful in the early stages of a relationship, last a lifetime? Married life became mundane. Until rough sex and a password changed everything.
Together the three friends help each other navigate life, loss and love. Oh, and kinky sex…very kinky sex.

My Review of Zane 2: The Decrees


I was given an ARC for my honest review. Wow!!!
This book was a big Wow.
This book takes over after 5 years of marriage and what a strong level of two lives that were made for eachother.
London and Zane have such a love that they would die for one another.

This book was so much more intense then the first one in my opinion. This book their love scenes were powerful and so beautiful. It was pure love.

Zane and London have become more than husband and wife. The became ONE!!!

Of course, I will never give any Spoilers but this book had a great plot and had wonderful fight scenes. This book was remarkable!! This book is one of my favorites. Elaine’s writing is amazing. Her writing gets you worked up, screaming OH YEAH!!!!

If any one had not read this book, ITS A MUST BUY!!!! It’s perfect!!!
Buy now!!!!


Z2: LIVE 🔥🔥🔥
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M/F, language, violence, second in the series, HEA, paranormal, vampires
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MORNING STAR by SE Rise!! Come and Enjoy the Event on May 15th



Morning Star by SE Rise
The First Book of Lucifer

The Angels found the daughters of men desirable.
We still do.
I am Lucifer, the Morning Star and I have Dominion over the Earth. God has destroyed the Earth countless times and I have survived through it all.
I always survive.
You can hate me all you want but just remember that I have the good tasting candy-the kind you like and want. The kind you need. I have known, yes in the Biblical sense, the most beautiful women in all of history.
Shall I tell you a story or two?
Take a walk with me and I will show you what the world is really like. It’s your choice-it is always your choice.
There is a beginning, there will be an end but the moments in between are where the story is found.
And, if you are wondering, the answer is yes, the Angel Gabrielle does have a sexy ass.
She always has. That is mine as well.



Morning Star by SE Rise

Chapter One
The earth is mine to do as I want. Take a walk with me. Shall I show you what the world is really like?
The smell of humanity washes over me. Everything you think and feel comes across as a scent. Bet you didn’t know that. Well, it does. It’s not a bad thing most of the time; it’s just a thing.
The drone of the rubber on pavement was hypnotic and it had lulled most of the other passengers to sleep. Only a few of us were still awake that burned the candle at both ends and I could smell their awareness. Are they aware of me? Not like they should be.
Idle hands they say…there are no truer words.
They lights were off in the interior of the Grey Hound Bus. The glow of a book light illuminated her silhouette and added a stunning gossamer effect. I inhaled deeply. She must be reading something very naughty. I could smell the desire coming off of her in waves.
Mmm, delicious.
Desire is by far the most pleasant of human scents.
The seat beside me was empty, because that’s how I roll when I travel on the Grey Hound, and a thought crossed my mind.
“You need to pee,” I said the words and sent them her way. It floated across the distance in a soft, casual drift. The light shifted as she squirmed in her seat. Her head turned and glanced at the passenger next to the window.
“Let him sleep. Why would you have to wake him to take a piss? Ridiculous.”
A stronger scent came from behind me and it was almost obscene in its strength. Lust was not as pleasant as desire but it was intoxicating none the less. I didn’t need to look behind me to confirm what I already knew. He has his moderately sized cock out and was slowly and silently stroking it. The dark makes the ideal lover to the lonely and that was why the scent of lust is so strong on him.
I think maybe these two should meet.
“Maybe you should flick the bean while you’re in there.” I whispered the words and they again floated into places. I heard her exhale a long sigh as they settled into place.
“Show her, let her see that big thing, she will love it.” I could almost see the words seek him out. There was nothing soft and subtle about the delivery. His eyes were already upon her and since he was two seats behind and across the aisle, I could also see him.
There he was, sitting in the dark with his junk out…so sad. I closed my eyes as she stood and the heat between her legs called out to me.
That must be a very good book she is reading.
She set her E-reader in the seat and covered it with her jacket, and glanced once again at her sleeping companion…Husband, maybe? The flicker of shine came from the cubic zirconium stone on her finger.
Yep, husband.
Good, then that will make this even better.
Her legs looked even longer thanks to the tiny shorts she was wearing and the light from the front illuminated the soft, smooth flesh of them.
“Look at me.”
My words hit her as she took a stride in my direction and I smiled. Her eyes found my face in the shadow and I felt them slide across the flesh of my mouth. There was nothing subtle about the change of her scent and desire had quickly changed to lust. Her name lit upon her scent and I soon knew everything I needed to know about this woman. Her steps slowed as she came even with me and I let my eyes glide up the tan subtle flesh. They hovered upon her sex and then rushed up and past her hard nipples to the warm wetness of her mouth.
“Pee first…and look at what he has for you.”
She hesitated at the words, took a step past, hesitated again and then she turned and looked at the man’s exposed cock. He was holding his breath, waiting for her to respond at the sight of him and adrenaline-filled ecstasy flooded through him as she smiled.
She popped the door to the lavatory and I heard her breathing change. She was excited and afraid. But it’s a good kind of afraid.
With a psssshh and a wipe she was done. I pulled myself up and into the aisle. His eyes flickered with fear at the sight of me and I smelled the scent of hope begin to dissipate. I gave him the same smile and it reassured him that what he was doing is quite all right.
Because in a sense, it is…there are no rules.
Not real ones, anyway.
To ensure this went the way I wanted it to, I waited for the door to open. Fear was starting to override her scent of lust and as the door opened, I stepped closer to her as she stepped out. Her hands reached out to stop herself from running into me and instead they hungrily glide across the rippled muscle of my abs. She is so very hungry now…I could feel myself growing hard as well and it presses against the fabric of my slacks.
This is delicious…
Her body shivered as the flesh of my bottom lip caresses the lobe of her ear. The words were soft and sexy…
“Pleasure him Mary… Pleasure us… Pleasure yourself…” I said and her eyes turned to my words. Her lips were soft and her breath was hot. Her hand glided along the length of me and it was exquisite. But that was not why I was here.
“Do you see his desire? Do you see his loneliness?” I said softly, again at the edge of her ear. Her hand lessened its grip on me. Her eyes were glassy with desire and her soft, wet tongue slid out to wet her lips.
“Pleasure him, Mary and pleasure yourself.”
The guy, his name was Rick, had remembered to breathe once again and his hand had a death grip on his meat.
“Is this seat taken?” she asked, her voice sounding like a warm summer’s breeze.
“N…No…” he stammered and for an instant I thought he was going to fuck this up for himself.
“Good girl,” I whispered to her and I could see the pleasure it gave her. She wanted to please me. To please me, she will please him. Her hair cascaded across his stomach and she let his cock hover at the edge of her mouth as she looked to me for approval.
“Show me…” and she slid him into her mouth.
I think you have done this before, Mary.
She was a good girl and the rhythm in which she pleasured him was expertly paced. Not too fast and not too slow….just right. I stepped closer and out of the aisle. The black of my jacket and slacks was like shadow incarnate.
Mary was still watching me as she slid him in and out of her.
I took a moment to look around. Not that I cared but I didn’t want to be interrupted. The other passengers were hidden in their own self-centered slumber…all but…
I glanced down into the seat directly next to me. Where did she come from? She was old and sickly but I could see in the set of her jaw that she most definitely did not approve. I didn’t really care if—Agatha, her name was Agatha—approved or not. As long as she didn’t interrupt us then she could sit there and listen disapprovingly.
I could hear the sucking noises coming from Mary and I turned my attention back to her. Her shorts were on the floor by my feet and she had opened her legs to me in invitation. The small patch of hair told me a lot about Mary. I liked it. What can I say? I am an old-fashioned kind of guy.
“Make yourself ready for me first, take him into you.”
Like a well-choreographed dance, he slid to the center of the seats. His cock throbbed from her endeavors. She turned to face me, her back to Rick and let herself slide down the length of him. Rick let out a gasp of pleasure. He was being too loud but he was oblivious, though, as Mary worked her ass to her own pleasurable rhythm.
“That’s enough of this; I’m going to tell the bus driver to kick you people off.” I heard Agatha say as I jostled her seat forward with my ass and hips. I stood in front of Mary as she bucked her hips. Her delicate hands hungrily unzipped the fly of my slacks and rather roughly pulled me out. Her eyes widened at the size of me. I never get tired of seeing that look. She looked unsure what she was going to do with me now that she had me.
As her soft, sexy wet mouth opened enough to take me in, I felt the weight in the seat behind me change and I knew Agatha was about to fuck everything up. Even as Mary took me into her mouth I reached back with my left hand and grabbed the top of the little, old woman’s head. They are so small when they are old. Like a baby bird almost.
“Sit down,” I whispered. As she sat back into place, I tapped my middle finger against her old little skull. “You’ve lived a long life, Agatha.” And I felt the vessel rupture within her brain.
Mary was slowly and seductively sliding her mouth up and down the length of me. Her hips bucked like a woman possessed. Rick’s eyes were wide as he watched Mary slowly and with concentrated determination take all of me in.
“Oh god…” Rick murmured, and I reached forward to cover his mouth and nose.
“He has nothing to do with this.” I said and felt him begin to struggle as his body starved for oxygen. His eyes were wide with panic, his hands flapped uselessly at the hand covering his mouth. I didn’t want to kill him. That would defeat my purpose.
With a twist I felt the snap of his vertebrae. This would accomplish two things: keep him breathing and give him a priapism. I felt Mary moan with the pleasure of Rick inside of her.
There you go, Mary. See what I do for you.
She moaned with orgasm and I let the rhythm of her ecstasy take me. Now with two hands full of her hair I took control of my pleasure.
“Fuck him harder,” I said to her orgasm-filled face and she did. Her limp hands bounced uselessly on her bucking thighs. With a priapism his cock would remain hard probably up until the moment he died. Maybe even longer.
Oh, so bitter sweet. A permanent erection that you can’t feel. What a cruel world we live in.
I fucked her face and I saw her desperately working toward another orgasm, the fervent need in her eyes screaming for more. I liked that look.
If she wanted more, I could give her more. I let myself give in to the pleasure. Burying myself deep in her, I felt it tighten around me as I engorged. Mary’s body was a continuous orgasm and I saw the panic in her eyes as she realized something was wrong. I pulled her down further on to me and I felt her lips touch my stomach. She tried to scream against my stomach as the first stream of Angelic spunk shot into her, her body bucking furiously on the paralyzed man’s cock, orgasm after orgasm shattering the very fabric of her being as I pumped my Angelic seed deep within her. Even as her eyes rolled into the back of her head, her hips continued to buck.
“Mary, we are done now. It’s time to put your shorts back on and go back to your seat,” I whispered. Her eyes opened and she smiled. Her hips slowed to a stop and she pulled herself off of him. She looked back at Rick, shimmied on her shorts and leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek.
“Thank you, that was incredible,” she cooed, then stood and turned to me.
“Thank you, Mary.” Her eyes were glossy with enraptured pleasure. “You are going to live a very long time now, Mary. Go back up to your seat and rest next to your husband.”
She let out a long breath and collected herself. I stepped aside for her to pass, whispered “good girl”, into her ear and watched as her wobbly legs took her back to her seat. Rick, on the other hand, needed a little work. I ran a hand across his dead eyes to close them, then slid his body back into his seat next to the window and a fantastic idea came to me.
I looked around to see if anyone was paying attention. No one was, so I wrestled Agatha’s old dying body into the seat next to Rick. Even in death, that thing stood straight up.
Satisfied with my handy work, I straightened my suit and returned to my seat.
I watched in my mind’s eye as the whole thing played out. The bus would be empty except for those two in the back seat. Would the bus driver scream or laugh upon seeing the old woman’s head impaled on Rick’s lap?
Either way, it would make for a good story.
Mary’s seat remained dark, E-reader forgotten.…/…/


S.E.Rise is the author of multiple genres; Horror and Erotica. He was raised as an army brat and attended Austin Peay State University on a Track and Cross Country Scholarship in Clarksville, Tennessee. In 1991, he enlisted in the United States Air Force as a firefighter. He became a Department of Defense civilian Firefighter/ Captain of an ALS Ambulance in 1996.
He wrote his first Horror novel in 2006 and self published with Createspace in 2007. He has written ten novels and one novella to his credit. He is now with Booktrope Publishing under the Forsaken and Entice Imprints.
When he is not at the fire station or writing he moonlights as a Bouncer at the World Famous Chilkoot Charlie’s. He enjoys salmon fishing in the Alaskan rivers and directing film/documentary projects. His first project, Moto Expedition: The last Frontier will debut in the summer of 2015.
He once took a solo ride on an old motorcycle from Alaska to Florida and has been to the top of the world. He has stood bare foot and knee deep in the Arctic Ocean and though freezing, loved every minute of it.
He enjoys adventuring and doing the impossible. He is married with two children and lives in Anchorage, Alaska.
He can be found on Facebook at
Or visit his website at
He twitters as well under the handle @s_e_rise13

LOVE STORY by Caroline Baker BEAUTIFUL COVER REVEALED! Come Join The Party May 10th

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