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Cover of A Taste of Blood Wine by Freda WarringtonA Taste of Blood Wine, Freda Warrington

The copy on the front definitely captures a lot about this book. ‘Throbs with lush romanticism,’ says The Times. That’s a perfect description right there. It’s lush, gothic, romantic, and I’m not entirely sure what to make of it. I found it a compulsive read, and I found the way it treats the morality of vampirism very interesting. It doesn’t shy away from the implications of evil, parasitism, etc, but it doesn’t wholly embrace them, either: Warrington’s vampires have feelings, doubts, difficulties, according to the kind of people they are. The female lead worries about her amorality, and the book doesn’t disguise that there’s something monstrous about a love which demands this kind of sacrifice.

I found the relationships between the characters very well done: Charlotte’s relationships with her family, Karl’s with Ilona and Kristian, the ambivalent side-switching of the others. Kristian’s power…

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RELEASE BLITZ: Shadows of Whitestone Manor by Brittany Jo James

Two Sassy Chicks

Author: Brittany Jo James
Series: The Winters Family Series, Book Two
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal Romance
Some shadows are as dark as night.
At least mine are.
My name is Grayson Winters and you’ve already been introduced to my family’s story.
Four months have passed since Lilith moved into Whitestone Manor to be with my brother, Orson. Now they’re getting married and it’s all I can do not to gag when they giggle at each other. Whitestone Manor represents nothing but secrets and darkness to me. Then, light begins to pour into my bleak world.
Prater Hahn has disappeared without a trace. Not that I blamed him or his brethren. I still wasn’t entirely sure Whitestone Manor was where I belonged either. All I knew for certain was that sweet, precious Ava Prescott seduced me with every bat of her eyelashes. Too bad…

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halftimeprincess:Art by Augusto Peixoto @ IrondoomDesign DEVIANTART

Follow the lights to the house of glass.

There will be much splendor in the grass.

Lights in the trees as far as the eye could see.

A more decadent event there could not be.

Champagne will be flowing until the wee hours.

Come with me and dance among the pretty flowers.

This room full of guests gives me a chill.

Maybe we should leave I’ve had my fill.

Eyes are following us in the room.

They will be upon us all too soon.

The guests are not what they appear.

Beneath they are just bones and hair.



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Katherine McNamara Cast as Clary Fray in ‘Shadowhunters’

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Katherine McNamara

Our leading heroine has finally joined the Fray (wink) of the cast of Shadowhunters.

Katherine McNamara has been cast as Clary Fray in ABC Family’s adaptation of Shadowhunters, the network announced on Wednesday.

Clary is described as “beautiful, creative, and intelligent” and “a promising art student whose bright future is derailed when her mother is kidnapped and she learns her life has been a lie. Clary discovers a hidden Shadow World full of Vampires, Werewolves, and other unthinkable danger that she quickly learns to navigate.  As she is forced into action, she embraces her newfound powers and realizes that she will play the central role in this new world.”

UPDATE: The Shadowhunters Twitter released this photo of Kat and Alberto Rosende (Simon)’s screen test! How cute are they!

Shadowhunters is set to…

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whitesoulblackheart: Come for you by Glen Parry


What lives in the walls of this place?
Come on–I want to see its face.
Does it look like you and me?
That would be a sight to see.
It might look like a little kid.
It might just be, I dare not fib.
Let’s leave now before it’s too late.
And the walls attack us with hate.
I’m beginning to see arms and legs.
There are bodies hanging on those pegs.
End House has come alive with The Dead.
I’m afraid we have made our death bed.


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