The Warrioress: An Heirloom Vampyres Novella 2
Three-hundred years ago, a vampyre named Naamah caused the death of Maria’s father. Now Naamah is back, and he intends to finish off the werewolves. Maria will do anything to protect her pack, even if it means betraying her heart and marrying him. When a greater threat arises, Maria must set her bitterness aside and join forces with Naamah to save both their people. Can she trust him and still be true to herself, or will they undo each other before their enemy even reaches them?
Naamah must lead his people to safety, but championing peace in the process is difficult for a vampyre that’s better apt with a sword. He needs a princess’s touch to heal his battle-stricken clan, but what he gets instead is a warrioress. If he can’t earn Maria’s trust and tame the wolf within her, they’ll lose everything.
Set in 1100 B.C.E., The Warrioress is a prequel to The Ema Marx Series by J.D. Brown. The story chronicles the romance between Maria and Naamah during the very early trials of their immortal lives.



THE WARRIORESS by J.D. Brown Coming Soon in May!!


It’s fear. It had to be. A fear so deep and consuming, I never knew anything like it before. Yes, that was the only explanation; the only reason why my hands would tremble in trepidation as I stepped from the ledge of the low bluff and continued across the grass toward him.
Shallow, hesitant breaths burned my lungs as I stood before Naamah. His gaze bore into mine, but the stern, commanding alpha I had come to know was not present in their dark depths. Instead, I saw something gentle. Perhaps even something grateful.
— THE WARRIORESS by J.D. Brown, coming May 2016
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Gothic Gates Venice, Falling Into Love by r.m.simone’ Gothic Gates Series Book 2

Gothic Gates Venice, Falling into Lovd by R.M. Simoné


Gothic Gates VENICE, Falling Into Love


Gothic Gates VENICE 33

Gothic Gates Venice

Sometimes Love Begins this Way
We all carry a dream within ourselves that holds the promise of a love that makes time stop, written in the stars, and holds us in her bosom of forever.
Every girl, young woman, carries that dream and we never speak it.
For if we did our dream would not come into being,


Paperback Book:

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Coming Events by R.M. Simoné


Coming EVENTS there are TWO big ones from Author R.M.Simone’ 

EROTICA one day ALL day event don’t miss it
and VAMPIRES yes vampires and books OH MY for the Love of Vampires
a 4 day event Authors grab your take over spots and do tag friends..
Thank you EVENTS for APRIL


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Fifty Shades of Love Trilogy by R.M. Simoné is NOW on paperback!!!

_Fifty Shades of Love Erotica cover union Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Love trilogy one is now in PAPERBACK
from author R.M.Simone’… one word TANTRA…feel the heat…

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Fifty Shades of Love book 1 by R.M.Simone of the first trilogy set REVIEW

Fifty Shades of Love by R.M. Simon


_Fifty Shades of Love Erotica cover union Trilogy

A REVIEW that touched me so deeply from a NEW Reader that I the author BROKE INTO Tears… read what she shared.. on this 5.0 out of 5 stars Wow, what an amazing read!!!, March 16, 2016
By Jerrilynn carter
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This review is from: Fifty Shades of Love by R.M.Simone’ Book 1 (Kindle Edition)
I fell in love with this book not 10 pages in. This is very captivating story that sucks you in and holds you there, I wanted more and was not even finished with the first book. My favorite quote from the book is ” I want to be more than that. I want to be your Edward of Twilight, your Romeo of Shakespeare and your Forevermore and happily ever after too!” can’t wait to read more on this series!!! here is my COMMENT BACK to the early review on Amazon Airriel…

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What’s Going on with Alessandra Torre!!!



Author Photo

Alessandra Torre is an award-winning New York Times bestselling author of eleven novels. Her books focus on romance and suspense, all with a strong undercurrent of sexuality. Torre has been featured in such publications as Elle and Elle UK, co-hosted Dirty Sexy Funny with Jenny McCarthy, as well as guest blogged for the Huffington Post and RT Book Reviews. She is also the Bedroom Blogger for




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Chloe Madison. That’s me. A former NYU princess who just fell from grace, right off my pampered Manhattan throne and onto the unforgiving steps of Nicole Brantley, socialite and queen bitch. Now, I walk her dog and mix her smoothies. Try to navigate my own problems while fixing all of hers.
I want what every New York girl wants. A career, an apartment, and true love, preferably in a smoking hot package.
It turns out I’ll have to fight for all of it.

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Love, Chloe Teaser

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Shayna Renee’s Spicy Reads ~ “Beautiful. Inspiring. Ridiculously entertaining. I loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of this! With a strong Sex and the City vibe, Torre takes us on a fun, entertaining, and angsty journey of self discover and love. Passionate, outgoing, hilarious, and very well written, LOVE, CHLOE is one of Torre’s best work! People aren’t always what they seem, and Chloe Madison is about to get her wake-up call.”

Jessica Sotelo (Angie & Jess’s Dreamy Reads) ~ “Alessandra Torre takes a huge leap outside the box with Love, Chloe, a captivating, romantic story of self discovery that follows fallen socialite, Chloe Madison. Chloe, born into wealth and privilege, unexpectedly finds herself homeless and unemployed after all of her family’s assets are seized by the government, just before she discovers her longtime boyfriend’s infidelity. While her situation seems dire, the story that evolves is a fun, surprising one, wrought with magnetic, snarky characters and humor ridden dialogue all swathed together by Alessandra Torre’s sharp writing style. This book chronicles Chloe’s newfound view on life, on love, on people, on New York and her voice, as well as her perspective, is deliciously consuming.”
Mara’s Bookshelf ~ “Love, Chloe is a refreshingly sassy sexy read and I loved and enjoyed every little bit of this book. Yes, even the desperate ex, the un-parent-like parents, but most of all, Chanel! Alessandra Torre is an exceptional writer and she shows it with every story she publishes. Love, Chloe is a must read for everyone who is going through a tough life. Let Carter and Chloe inspire you with their journey in life and love and give you hope that everything will turn out for the best.”

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Be on the lookout for Alessandra’s next book…

Moonshot releasing July 4th, 2016.

Sign up goes live for Moonshot on April 26th


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