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I was asked to contribute an article to a fellow author’s blog. At first I panicked. I didn’t know what to write about. I’m a listener. I listen to other people’s stories. I’m a good listener. I don’t like speaking about myself. Therefore, I don’t like to write about myself. But now that I’m a writer, I have to move into the spotlight.

I’ve done a few interviews on fellow authors’ blogs. Their questions helped to serve as guidelines. Now I have a blank page to deal with. Should I write about why I had decided to become a writer? I don’t think so. It has been done to death by writers. I believe I will write about what had inspired me to pursue my career in Finance. It wasn’t a ‘what’ but a ‘who;’ the person who I had looked up to and then had…

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Danielle Gianni Corrick Interview

AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Danielle Gianni Corrick
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Read a vampire’s intimate poetic journal, and a mortals powerful detailed diary…both share the same timeless love story, as they live and die and find each other through time. As a battle between temptation and lust…keep the two apart, while true love finds its way.

I do not spend a lot of time on Facebook. I just do not have the time. I try to connect with folks I know and take care of business. Then I am off to continue my work day and write. Through Facebook I’ve not only keep in touch with folks I know, but I have met new people as well. One of those is Danielle Gianni Corrick. Danielle can light up any room – even a virtual one! I am please to have her as my guest today and share her trilogy with all of you. And Danielle comes bearing gifts! She is giving away a set to one lucky visitor. Don’t be shy – say HI! to Danielle….

A bit about our guest:

I’m Danielle Gianni Corrick…from N.J. I’ve been married for 11 years to my high school sweetheart, and together a total of 21 years. I’m a proud mother of two great kids Jason and Desiree’…9 and 11. I’ve been a hairstylist for 21 years, and recently a self published author of my first series ‘An Erotic Vampire Romance’. I started writing my series after the loss and suicide of my younger brother Piero in 1997, as writing had become my outlet as well as my therapy.

1. Why do you write?
I write because it’s an outlet for me, as it’s also very therapeutic and relaxing to me…to journey into other worlds, as the world around me stands still. Writing has been an escape for me to venture, and to do so at any given time that I desire. All I have to do is pick up a pen or my keyboard, and I’m off to my own Wonderland.

2. What is your ‘daily mantra’ for writing? What gets you to your keyboard above other activities?
My daily mantra for writing is gathering up my pillows and blankets at the end of the night, a cup of hot green tea, and have my tarot/angel cards at hand. This is the time I get…where it’s my time, and on my time I enjoy to escape to other worlds other than the world I know. The best time to write would be when my awesome kids have settled down in bed, and I venture into a world that I created…with the anticipation that someday others will also have the oppertunity to read what I wrote, and with a message to be told.

3. What is the best writing advice you have ever received?
The best writing advice that I have ever recieved was to write from the heart, and to write what I know…to have fun and play around with words, as I create my own style and technique. Jump out of the box every now and than…only to create a whole other species from what I am used to writing.

4. What is your favorite genre to write and why?
I love to write erotic stories, and children’s stories…totally different ends of the spectrum, and for these two reasons alone-I love to grab the minds of our precious little ones, as I create stories for them…stories with moral, meaning, and lesson. I also love to grab the minds of our amazing big ones, as I create stories for them as well…stories with moral, meaning, and lesson.

5. What is the one key career you remember from your childhood of wanting to be when you grew up?
The one key career that I can remember wanting to become as a child is ironically what I do now…a hairstylist, and for 21 years and counting. =) I love my job, as it’s not a job at all…it’s more of getting paid for having fun, and loving what I do. Which gives me the fortunate opportunity to be a staying at home mom, and a working at home mom.


Discovering his one true love…Dracula finds his halfling, as his mortal find soon becomes vampire. Dracula creates Lana Black in 1865, which she becomes an erotic theatre performer. When the vampire’s secret…his sweet surprise of Lana’s immortality…leads to death, as life and death arrive for Dracula and Lana Black. With a twist of fate…their two souls travel time, as they find one another once again in 2008. However, they are not a match any longer…Lana Black is now committed to another, as Dracula needs Uncommitted blood to survive. Lana Black and Dracula are both led on an emotional journey, as their true love wins the battle against lust and temptation. A love story, a fantasy…’An Erotic Vampire Romance’.

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