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Don’t Fear the Fear – Embrace it.
Posted on June 25, 2015 by Lisa Renee Jonesimage
by Lisa Renee Jones

Forsaken- Hi every­one and thank you so much to Writ­er­space for hav­ing me on their blog today! As I get ready to release the third book in my Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, For­saken, it has me revis­it­ing how this series began. I remem­ber very clearly, that I was hes­i­tant about this series. My read­ers adored Sara in my Inside Out series (now in devel­op­ment for TV), and Amy (the lead in The Secret Life of Amy Bensen), was her antithe­sis. Don’t get me wrong, every time I pub­lish a book the fear sinks into my gut. I’ve learned that the fear is a good thing though. Now, I fear the day that sink­ing feel­ing goes away, because that will be the day I’m not push­ing myself to be the very best author I can be.

Back to Amy though – when I first released Escap­ing Real­ity (book 1), it was self-published and very dif­fer­ent from all of my other cur­rent works. Sure, it still has your res­i­dent alpha male that I love to write. Which in this case, came decked out in a suit, goa­tee, tat­too, and goes by the name Liam Stone, but, Amy was worlds away from my other hero­ines. She was younger, more naïve, yet I tried, and hope­fully suc­ceeded, to build in this innate strength to her char­ac­ter. I truly pushed myself out of my com­fort zone with these char­ac­ters, and I even ended up tak­ing the series to an all-out dif­fer­ent place than I orig­i­nally intended. All of which, you’ll see in the con­clud­ing vol­umes, For­saken (8/18) and Unbro­ken (9/7).

Escaping RealityThank­fully, I have the best read­ers in the world. Much as I embraced a new chal­lenge in writ­ing this series, they all embraced it as well, and I received so many heart­felt notes about their love for the first two books in the series. So, time passed and I ended up sell­ing the series to Gallery Books, which accounted for a long spell between the release of the first two and last two books. Given the time lapse the fear has returned ten-fold. It’s a whole new set of fears this time though. Will the read­ers of the series have moved on? Do they know two more books are com­ing? It’s such a com­pet­i­tive mar­ket right now, how do I reach my read­ers? And the list goes on and on. You know what though? With the fear comes a thrill. A thrill that is quite inde­scrib­able, and one that can thrive off of one reader’s kind words about one of my books. I would not be able to do what I do with­out all of my read­ers. So as much as I drive my hus­band nutty with my What Ifs around release day, he’s learned to deal with it because it’s part of my process.

Infinite PossibilitiesTo every author out there, the fear is nat­ural and should not be a deter­rent. To every reader who’s picked up one of my books, thank you. Fear, of all mag­ni­tudes, is some­thing we all deal with. It’s how you react and take con­trol in the midst of it that really counts. I get ques­tions all the time about how to write a book and the process of it. My first piece of advice is always: just write. Cliché as it sounds, if you over­think it, that’s when the fear can take over. Trust me, the first books that I wrote are locked away and will never see the light of day, or an edit­ing pen. Writ­ing is a per­sonal process, in most cases. The author is the only one in tune with the char­ac­ters. You’re the sole con­duit to the world you’ve cre­ated. So, you have all the control.

I hope you’ll check out my Secret Life of Amy Bensen series. Books 1 and 2 are already avail­able (Escap­ing Real­ity and Infi­nite Pos­si­bil­i­ties), and books 3 and 4 (For­saken and Unbro­ken) will be com­ing out later this year!

Bio:Lisa Renee Jones
New York Times and USA Today Best­selling author Lisa Renee Jones is the author of the highly acclaimed INSIDE OUT SERIES, and is now in devel­op­ment by Suzanne Todd (Alice in Won­der­land, Austin Pow­ers, Must Love Dogs) for cable TV. In addi­tion, her Tall, Dark and Deadly series and The Secret Life of Amy Bensen series, both spent sev­eral months on a com­bi­na­tion of the NY Times and USA Today lists. Since begin­ning her pub­lish­ing career in 2007, Lisa has pub­lished more than 40 books trans­lated around the world. Book­list says that Jones sus­pense truly siz­zles with an energy sim­i­lar to FBI tales with a para­nor­mal twist by Julie Gar­wood or Suzanne Brock­mann. Prior to pub­lish­ing, Lisa owned multi-state staffing agency that was rec­og­nized many times by The Austin Busi­ness Jour­nal and also praised by Dal­las Women Mag­a­zine. In 1998 LRJ was listed as the #7 grow­ing women owned busi­ness in Entre­pre­neur Mag­a­zine. Lisa loves to hear from her read­ers. You can reach her at and she is active on twit­ter and face­book daily.

MARCUS: ORGINS Novella of The Blood Prophecy Series By BARB JONES

Summary: Marcus is a young man, full of life and innocence, yet his homelessness cast a spell of yearning for adventure and a better life. He wants that adventure and to return to a normal life someday…but that day isn’t today. Eliza, a beautiful vampire, seduces him into a world like no other. Their young love and hunger drive them together and also pull them apart too. Marcus ventures out on his own as a newborn vampire and experiences all the emotions of rage, anger, love, lust in order to become the man he is today. This is the birth of Marcus.


My review of Marcus: I was given the ARC for this book. This is a prequel to The Queens Prophecy and I was impressed how much there is about the life of Marcus. I did truly like that Barb wrote about Eliza, Marcus’ maker. I truly enjoyed their story together. If anyone ever read any of my other reviews I do not give away any spoilers but I don’t think there really are any. It is just the history of Marcus.
I wish I could of read this book first but it is still nice to hear the story about a main character in the story.
It was a good read.


FAQ: What Happened To Ella??


You’ll find out in DENIAL (Careless Whispers #1) available for pre-order NOW and will come out 11/24! This is a stand alone  to INSIDE OUT, the series being made into a TV show and big news on that soon! Great things are happening behind the scenes!

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Ella awakes alone in Italy, no longer sure of who she is. One thing is certain: a gorgeous man has claimed her as his own. He’s tall, dark, and sexy, the kind of rich, powerful man who makes a girl long to be possessed. And possess her he does, whispering wicked promises in her ear, indulging her deepest desires, stealing her trust—and her cautious heart. Soon, though, she discovers that nothing is as it seems. The truth will shatter her world, but it will also set her free…if it doesn’t destroy her first.

New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, whose searing novels generate “enough heat . . . to start a fire” (RT Book Reviews), dares you to fall in love with her irresistibly surprising and scandalously erotic new series.

CALL OF THE MOON by Enjay Taylor


Call of the Moon is Nicolajayne Taylor’s second novel and people are really excited about this title. With a nice press release that gives you a hint of what to expect, you can be rest assured that this book is creepy. With Enjay, we know we will get great characters, scenes and a smashing dose of the paranormal. This story is set in the US, Enjay has grown as an international author and felt the need to connect with her US readers and fans. Please Like and share the event and cover art to be in with a chance to win some prizes. All you need to do is share it and write it down in the comments. There will be lots to be won.

BETWEEN LOVES by Cynthia Austin


Synopsis: Sidney Sinclair’s life has gone from dreamlike escapades to the reality of two men who both want her…

Her unfaithful rock star boyfriend, Ray Ryker, may have some competition in a handsome young stranger, Adrian McAllister, who she first only imagined in her dreams.

The thing is, he’s no longer a fantasy. He’s now not only involved in her thoughts but her everyday life as well.

Sidney finds herself in a romantic overload as she tries to choose between the boy she’s known since high school, or the exotic presence with shining green eyes who takes her breath away. Until, she is attacked in her backyard, and someone’s murdered…

While trying to uncover the identity of the mysterious killer she can’t help but wonder if the handsome stranger may have had something to do with it.

It doesn’t take long for Sidney to realize she doesn’t trust either of the men in her life, not Ray, her adulterous boyfriend, or Adrian, the green-eyed charmer.

Now she finds herself having to weave her way through the web of lies confronting her at every turn.

Or she could be the next to die…

MY REVIEW:  This was given to me as an ARC for my honest review!
This book left me wanting more. I read the first book Between Dreams and now this book was even more exciting as the first. I am so looking forward for the next one.
Between Loves had me asking questions about Adrian. I want to know who he really is. I do not give out spoilers in any of my reviews (Sorry). I want to know what’s going to happen? Now! It has me in such suspense I feel like screaming. It so awesome. I would of been finished with Between Loves earlier but I was out for almost 3 days.
Cynthia Austin is becoming one of my newest found author. I love her writing. It flows wonderfully. There wasn’t a 3 month span or confusion from the first book to the next. It was a smooth read from book one and two. There was no confusion or trying to remember how the last book ended. It was perfect!!
Loved it and can’t wait for the third book!!
Thank you Cynthia for another great book!!!

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My review of VEILED MEMORIES by Jena Baxter

This review is from: Veiled Memories (Bonds of the Covenant Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I was given an ARC for my honest review. There are no spoilers in this review, and if you have read any of my reviews you know I don’t.
This book was really unique. This is my very first book I have read by Jena Baxter. I really was a really awing book for me. Right away I was crying through the first few chapters, and then it became funny, exciting, dramatic, and enticing.
I loved her insight on the different angels, their jobs, and their names. It was almost like I was there while reading this book. I was seeing it in my mind as if it was a movie. A magical movie.
I really enjoyed this book and I hope others enjoy it with me also.


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The Secret Life of Amy Bensen
His touch spirals through me, warm and sweet, wicked and hot. I shouldn’t trust him. I shouldn’t tell him my secrets. But how do I not when he is the reason I breathe? He is what I need.

At the young age of eighteen, tragedy and a dark secret force Lara to flee all she has known and loved to start a new life. Now years later, with a new identity as Amy, she’s finally dared to believe she is forgotten–even if she cannot forget. But just when she lets down her guard down, the ghosts of her past are quick to punish her, forcing her back on the run.

On a plane, struggling to face the devastation of losing everything again and starting over, Amy meets Liam Stone, a darkly entrancing recluse billionaire, who is also a brilliant, and famous, prodigy architect. A man…

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