My Review of DEATH BLOOMS by Yolanda Olson đź¤©


Death Blooms


Yolanda Olson (Goodreads Author),
I deal in beautiful things.

I’m paid to create unique masterpieces and I enjoy my work.

I’m the best there is because I’m patient, kind, and quick.

I wear the mask of humanity when I need to, and I play the part of just another stranger walking past you on the street, but there’s something I want that I can’t quite seem to get my hands on.

For all of the blood I shed—for all of the flesh I’ve stripped, there’s only one touch that I long to feel. I may be a master of manipulation, yet when it comes to the hope of something that’s just mine—something unexplainable toward another living creature that I long so desperately for, I’m a coward.

But there’s only so many times I’ll be willing to stand by and watch what I want walk away from me before I acquire it.

I’ve had enough patience and I’ve scolded myself more than once over this and I refuse to wait any longer.

We belong together.

My Review of DEATH BLOOMS by Yolanda Olson 🤩
Yolanda Olson has done it once more and made me gasp out loud and my eyes bulge out of my head. What a book to make you stop and think. She had me going in circles thinking about what was going to happen next and I made my own presumption and of course I was wrong.
To be honest I don’t know how to really put in words what I want to say but OMG!
This book is another masterpiece and if you have read any of her other books you will not be disappointed. As a fan of Yolanda Olson’s I must say everything she writes is genuinely original. I have to say that you will not read one of her books and then read another and think they will be the same. They aren’t. They are all one of a kind.
Thank you Yolanda for a fascinating read!