★★ PRE-ORDER NOW ★★ Strangers by Yolanda Olson


Strangers by Yolanda Olson



★ Pre-order here: mybook.to/strangers

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👀 Coming May 7th 👀

He watches me from his window.

I put on my best shows for him because I know he likes what I do.

Blood, death, and sometimes things I know I shouldn’t. I study him from my balcony and remember the things he likes best, always careful to show him what I know will bring him back out for more.

I’ll do anything that will keep his attention because he’s different. He doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be my hero.

It’s his fate.

We’re the same kind of monster, he and I, and I’ll make him remember what’s at stake before it’s all said and done.

He’s my only hope.

Just one more final game before the hunt really begins.

It’s only fair.











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