What’s your name and what genre would you consider your books to be?

Hi, K. D. Bloodworth here. Thanks for having me. The two books I will be talking about here today are of the thriller/suspense and a little romance genre.

Tell me about your book. How did you come up with that (story, angle, idea)? is about a woman going through a divorce, alone and on her own when a friend creates an online dating account for her. After all, everyone, including the friend met her husband online. What could it hurt? The idea came from some personal experiences and several friends that met their husbands online. But what if it all went wrong?

How did you get interested in writing this particular genre (historical novels,

mysteries, sci-fi, children’s books, etc.)?

Becoming an author was not a goal or had even crossed my mind until I was well into my fifties. People kept saying I should write a book. So, I did.

What kind of research did you do for this book?

 Life experiences were my research and my retired law enforcement husband. The settings for are all places I have lived or have spent time, hiking, fishing, or biking.


Can you tell me about your Series?

 Deadly Friend: book two, is set for release on September 10. I decided one morning (when I do my best thinking), maybe there was more to tell about Dawn and Johns life.

Was it always meant to become a series?

The thought of another book after to continue the story came after requests from readers for more.


What’s a typical working day like for you? When and where do you write? Do

you set a daily writing goal?

 I do not set a schedule as I learned if I cant keep to it, I get disappointed in myself. Im retired from the regular working force, and there are days I only write in my journal because Im out doing fun retirement things.

Do you have a new book in the making and if so, what’s the name of your

upcoming book?

 I do have a WIP (work in progress). I have not titled it as of yet.


Where do your ideas come from?

Life! I enjoy expanding a real experience, either my own, a family members, or a friends, and running with it.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?

When I try to write, and Im not in the mood. I know that sounds sort of nuts, but its like most things, which includes cooking, sewing, knitting, painting, drawing, photography, and writing, if Im not in the mood, things do not end well.


What do you consider to be your best accomplishment?

 Considering Im pushing sixty-nine, I believe my best accomplishment is living this long. I survived the Sixties and Seventies, unlike many of my friends. We either thought we would live forever, or we didnt care if we died, Im not sure which. The second best accomplishment, would be my daughter. A well rounded, accomplished, educated, responsible, caring and loving person.

What’s the best thing about being an author?

Well, since I write fiction, I think the best part is being able to make up stories and people dont consider Im telling them lies.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 Eeeks! Pushing seventy-nine? I guess I hope Im still alive in ten years!

What writing advice do you have for aspiring authors?

Just write. Ill give you the best advice I have received and only a short time ago when I was having a terrible time getting back to writing after Deadly Friend. Write something, anything, every day. Commit to writing no less than 500 words a day. Doesnt matter the subject, if its your WIP or just something that has come to you, write!  You can put 500 words down standing on your head. Soon those 500 words will become more and more. It works!

Do you read reviews of your book(s)? Do you respond to them, good or bad?

 In the beginning, I read everyone review until one reader complained about the cursing being so bad they couldnt get past the first two chapters. I didnt remember cursing that much, so I read the chapters again. WTH I thought. I wanted to respond but didnt as the book is rated adult 18+. My launague in the book is barely worse than todays 8th graders. I stopped reading reviews.

What is your least favorite part of the writing / publishing process?

 Editing! When my editors send back my work with red slashes, question marks, and suggestions, its hard not to think Im the worst writer in the world. Truth being, when Im writing, proper English is seldom used. We fix that later.


What are you working on now?

Im working on a story of a family trying to survive the depression in Oklahoma and Arkansas, based on stories from my mother and her sisters.

Can you give us a few tasty morsels from your work-in-progress?

Fourth of July, 1926 arrived hotter than a firecracker. May and I would slip away every chance we got to go cool off in the swimming hole. A carnival came to town, but we hadn’t a dime between us to go. The big Flying Carousel sat at the edge of the grounds. May and I watched from a distance as people flew through the air, laughing and letting go with screams of delight. I wanted to feel that same joy. Knowing we would not experience their happiness of flying through the air, May and I retreated back to our porch.

Returning home, we found Blanch reading on the front porch, fanning herself in an attempt to cool off a bit. Mother had taken John down to the neighbors for some reason.

 “Blanch, everyone is at the carnival. We could go down to the swimming hole and take a dip. No one would know!” May seemed to be daring Blanch.

Blanch pursed her lips in thought, closed her book, and raised her eyebrows, “A cool dip would be delightful.” A flush crept across her cheeks at just the thought of such a brazen act. “I just couldn’t.”

May and I jumped to our feet, “Yes you can, Sister! We would never tell anyone! Especially Mother!”

Blanch’s eyes widened, a small smile appeared, as she rubbed the back of her sweaty neck. “I supposed you wouldn’t tell anyone, in fear you would get whipped too.”

To our surprise, Blanch closed her book, laid it on the table and stood. At first, we thought she was just playing with us, but she then began her descent on the steps. I think all three of us were in shock, but before she could change her mind, May and I, one on each side of our big sister, started leading the way.

Even Blanch was giggling like a young school girl by the time we reached the swimming hole. Luck be with us, there was no one around allowing Blanch to chicken out. Shucking our shoes and socks, then our dresses, the three of us were in the sweat, cool water in no time. May and I swam around while Blanch sat on a rock, up to her neck in the water. I wasn’t sure if our big sister even knew how to swim. All of a sudden she stood, and jumped into the middle, in the deepest part. May and I couldn’t believe our eyes. Blanch didn’t bob up right away which concerned us. Just about the time, we thought we should dive in to look for her, she sprung out of the water as if she had been shot out of a cannon.  She was laughing through pure pleasure.


Where did your love of books come from?

Im not sure how to answer this. I am not one of those people that say I was reading from the time I can remember. I never learned phonics, and I didnt like reading as a child. I didnt start reading until my late teens, early twenties.


Does writing energize or exhaust you?

That depends on what is happening in my story. While writing scenes in both and Deadly Friend, I found myself tired afterward. With my WIP, I have not felt that way as of yet.


What is your writing Kryptonite?

 Traveling. Its so easy to get up in the morning and decide its a good day to ride up to North Carolina or Tennessee. Living here in the mountains of North Georgia has so many things to offer, its hard to stay home and write.


What other authors are you friends with, and how do they help you become a better writer?

 I belong to the North Georgia Writers club. We meet once a month. Many are published authors with lots of suggestions and support. We agree on a topic for next months meeting and can write a short piece on the subject or on anything else, for a five minute read during the meeting.

If you were writing a book about your life, what would the title be?

 I cant believe I did that, or Hey Yall, Watch This.

Where can your fans find you and follow??

K D Bloodworth (@kdbloodworth) | Twitter


Thank you for taking your time to do this interview