Willow Woods Academy: Blood Moon Coven by R.L. Weeks and Skylar McKinzie- Preorder NOW♥️


Willow Woods Academy: Blood Moon Coven by R.L. Weeks and Skylar McKinzie 

Release date: November 12th

***3 Days until you are thrown into a magical and mythical world with Kat and Angie!!!***

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Blurb: Kat and Angie have just enrolled at Willow Woods Academy for Witches against their parent’s wishes. They’re thrown into a magical, mysterious world that is everything they dreamt it to be. However, when an ancient book falls into their laps, their worlds are turned upside down.
Ten Years Ago, a rivalry between the covens of Willow Woods Academy and Morwood’s School cost many their lives and cast a dark shadow over the academy. Now, Morwood’s has opened again for the first time since the incident and mysterious happenings occur and they all seem to be surrounding Kat.
School’s never easy and with her exams coming up, a stalker in the trees, and her family name shadowing doubt over what side she’s on, the first year of school is more of an adventure than she had ever anticipated.

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Short Excerpt:
Willow Woods Academy for Witches, named for the trees that cloaked the school from the ‘normal’ world, had been training the Witches of the Harvest Moon Coven for centuries. Grand Mistress Lilith Krauss had been heading that training for the last ten years. She had seen the young witches come and go, strived to keep them away from the boys at the wizard’s academy across the lake, and fought to keep the evil from taking back the school they had worked so hard to claim.
Lilith stepped out onto the balcony of the school she had come to love above anything else in her life and looked out over the grounds; The Willow stood front and center in the courtyard, a stark reminder of the horrific past of the school itself.
She was just a young witch herself, starting out in her teacher training when the ‘other’ school led by a girl that was no older than fifteen had attacked and almost taken their home. Invaded by an evil that to this day made Lilith shudder in fear, the Witches of the Harvest Moon Coven had barely escaped with their school and their lives intact, some of them not making it out at all.
Shaking her head, shying away from the memories of the night, Lilith sighed. The new batch of students was due to begin arriving in the morning. She could feel the evil rearing its ugly head again and the fact that they had reopened Morwood’s School for Witches after it had been closed for the last ten years confirmed it for her. Evil was coming back to the small area in North Carolina that housed the witches’ academies and she was afraid there was nothing they could do to stop it.



A lone willow tree in the center of it all. A tree full of significance. A tree with a story to tell – of a past which one wishes could be forgotten; but, never will.
Kat and Angie are your typical best friends, heading to high school together, with an exception, they are witches, who had to forge their permission slips for entrance into Willow Woods Academy. They are excited to start their freshman year, but had to run away to do it, because both girls parents refused to let them attend, but neither were given an explanation of why. What could possibly be so bad about the best school for them?
There is an evil hiding in plain sight, and these two are connected to it.
Being so familiar with R.L.’s writing, I was certain I would be able to tell who wrote what – but I couldn’t , these two authors did an epic job creating a story that seems to have come from one mind. The storyline is paced perfectly, leaving enough room for description, with a whole lot of page turning action.
Why would the headmistress be so worried about “another Depree and Ash” attending at the same time? What happened 10 years ago?
When the truth comes to light and a traitor is found -will both freshmen survive their first year at Willow Woods?
*** The writing style was on point. The main characters are funny, full of spunk and lovable. Of course, with any high school, comes drama and there is enough to transport *us slightly older readers* back in time.
Beyond the amazing character connection and believability of this story, there is deeper meaning. Something we can all connect with on a personal level, the meaning of a best friend, family, trust, and misplaced judgement.
I absolutely can’t wait for part two!!!!!