Releasing November 12th WILLOW WOODS ACADEMY FOR WITCHES by R.L. Weeks and Skylar McKinzie❤️


Releasing November 12th.

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Blurb: Kat and Angie have just enrolled at Willow Woods Academy for Witches against their parent’s wishes. They’re thrown into a magical, mysterious world that is everything they dreamt it to be. However, when an ancient book falls into their laps, their worlds are turned upside down.
Ten Years Ago, a rivalry between the covens of Willow Woods Academy and Morwood’s School cost many their lives and cast a dark shadow over the academy. Now, Morwood’s has opened again for the first time since the incident and mysterious happenings occur and they all seem to be surrounding Kat.
School’s never easy and with her exams coming up, a stalker in the trees, and her family name shadowing doubt over what side she’s on, the first year of school is more of an adventure than she had ever anticipated.