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LOVE YOU IN PIECES by Alana Greig ❤️

Love you in Pieces
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Hey there. I’m Ruby, I am twenty-five years old. I have red dyed hair, blue contact lenses that make my eyes pop, and I’m five foot seven inches tall. But those are just the stats. There’s something else you should probably know: I’m dead. Don’t freak out, technically, I’m undead.


Ruby Jones’ new undead life sucks! She has no rights and a crappy job at a zombie-hating newspaper. Things aren’t great. That is, until she meets Luke Walker.
Luke, an unlucky in love, geeky twenty-seven-year-old with a love for Buddy Holly glasses, is not at all pro-zombie. But fear not: That was before a cooking-for-singles night threw him and Ruby together and changed everything.
When the two collide, there are accidents and murder, laughs and superglue; all making for an interesting ride. Can a zombie find love? Ruby is in pursuit of her happy ever after; because everyone—even the undead—deserves one, right?
Is it possible to say I love you, in pieces?


Love you in Pieces, by Alana Greig. My review – Phil Price

This is the story of Ruby. Girl turned Zombie, with serious balance issues. Greig has crafted a story, that many can identify with. Ruby is a young woman, with all the trappings of a mid-twenties female. She is loving, feisty, awkward, and flawed. It tells a story of an outcast, trying to fit into today’s society. There are boys, issues, with lots of high and low points for the main character. The author has an uncanny knack of mixing up the emotions in this story. It is funny. Like seriously funny. Not many authors can be naturally humorous. Greig pulls it off with ease, creating moments when I thought I would pig snort with laughter. Then in a flash, she is tugging on the reader’s heart strings. I have read other titles by this author. However in this story, she really flexes her darker muscles. There is intimacy too, written brilliantly, with steamy moments, followed by hilarious gaffs. I found that every box was ticked for me. Well done Greig. And well done Ruby, for transporting me into your complicated, darkening world.

A Zombie tale, with an hilarious twist. Written superbly and confidently.

Five stars